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要趁早, 你。。。。表達了嗎?

Mother's Day Giveaway!
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現在聯合Online Florist - 花言巧語 (Bloom - The Floral Shop)
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giving away one flower cake worth RM120 to ONE of my readers!

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心動嗎, 那就趕快行動 ~~~~
Click 給媽咪的Message 留言去!!

Flower Cake ♥ Option 1
Flower Cake ♥ Option 2
愛的分享 - T&C
截至日期 09 May 2012
“分享”必須post在這裡 - 給媽咪的Message (Any mothers... e.g. Mother in law/God Ma)
Giveaway is only for delivery within KLANG VALLEY
Winner will be notified via Facebook and details must be provided after contact

如果您不是優勝者, 沒關係~~~
那就趕快到臨近的花言巧語分行, 選購禮物!
Some Ideas
☀ 相架
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☀ 擺設
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☀ 杯子
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☀Food Tray
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my previous visit Bloom, The Intermark

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IKANO Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara
Location : LG25
Contact No : +603-7722 4429
The Intermark, KL
Location : C13
Contact No : +603-2161 1616
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang
Location : LG17
Contact No : +603-5632 1228

Bloom 2U Facebook Page:
Bloom Website:


Joli3 said...


ღ 關於我 - 芊瑜 ღ said...

你看完這裡,就要去"給媽咪的Message"那裡post你要給mami的msg哦!!! Gambate Y^^

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Good luck to all!! ^_^

ღ 關於我 - 芊瑜 ღ said...

Same to U, Charmaine!! Gambate ^^

Jean said...

谢谢分享! said...

My life have been revolving with my family until today and my mom has been the greatest mom on Earth. She is a great cook, baker, entrepreneur, mom and shopper. Happy Mother's Day to my greatest mom in the whole universe!

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