Paradiso Cine Lounge 伊甸园 @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas KL

應該是慶祝Felina's farewell,轉眼就已經3年多了....


這裡開了很多食肆, Pub & Lounge,
今天要介紹的就是這個 - Paradiso (伊甸园)
這裡的環境優美,而且播放的歌也很扣人心弦, RELAX!在這裡有很多很special的cooktails 如
Jealousy - Rm27 -
推薦! - 什麼是妒忌! 酸酸甜甜? 苦苦納悶? 味道不錯, 我們都喜歡^^
Fresh Lychees, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Mango Juice turn rum into your new favorite

Paradiso 009
Blue Velvet - Rm27
A refreshing blueberry-mint julep based on Makers Mark bourbon
Paradiso 037
Desperado - Rm30 - 推薦!
Because Tequilla Shots are too mainstream! Patron Tequila, paired with Mangostine and elderflower

Paradiso 052
很戲劇化的名字! Desperate !!! Wahahaha...
Paradiso 054
Pulp Fiction - Rm27 - 說不出的感覺! ^^
Pistachios and Rock Melon with Absolut Vanilla and Lime the perfect balance
Paradiso 075

Dragon Tattoo - Rm27 - 很特別! 特別為龍年所調配~~ <3
For the year of the dragon! Abosolut Raspberry, Fresh Dragon Fruit, vanilla and Cranberry
Paradiso 042
The Prestige - Rm30 - 喜歡“莓”的別錯過!
A Berry Explosion! Wind berries, mint and Absolut Citron topped with Champagne for a long lasting refreshment

Paradiso 067
Mixed Platter - 推薦! 我喜歡那個Peanut Chicken Wings! 不說也不知是加了花生醬,味道好!
Bruschetta, Soft Shell Crab, Spring Roll, Deep Fried Calamari, Peanut Chicken Wings
Paradiso 010
Combination of Pasta - 推薦! 最愛就是那份牛肉,Juicy & Tender, 跟醬汁是完全配合! 好吃!
Grilled Beef Tenderloin, ,Ham Carbonara Fettuccine, Penne Pasta

Paradiso 041
Chocolate Brownies - Rm15
Paradiso 048

Phone : +603-6211-3344
Address : Lot 28 & 29, Level G3, Block C5, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, KL (Next to Publika OT)
Operating Time :
Mon - Sat:10:00 am-2:00 am
Sun:10:00 am-12:00 am

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